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Drug in a Cell

Hide drugs in RBCs to get sustained release

MERYLO’ is developing a platform that will revolutionize the chemotherapeutic practice, proposing an innovative medical device that will work directly on the patients’ own blood at their bedside. By connecting our system to the patient circulatory system, it will be possible to entrap the chemotherapeutical agent into the patient’s Red Blood Cells (RBCs), thus producing a new therapeutic alternative to these patients.

The innovative core of MERYLO’ approach is the unique and originally developed method for the entrapment of molecules in RBCs. The technology is enclosed in a microfluidic device, specifically engineered and designed following a biomechanical behaviour of RBCs that was discovered at Politecnico di Milano. This peculiar feature makes the device suitable to be used to insert other compounds (nanoparticles, tracers …) into RBCs. This high flexibility is a unique advantage that will make MERYLO’ a player also in medical applications where a physiological, continuous release of a substance in the body is an unmet critical need.

MERYLO’ developed a single-use kit to be used in the standard chemotherapy practice, combining the selected drug with the patient blood, infusing the prescribed drug concentration in plasma at the same time. The microfluidic cartridge is now a laboratory prototype, 3D printed in biocompatible plastic that is undergoing extensive preclinical validation with the first molecule. This drug is currently under investigation for the treatment for DLBCL (diffuse large B cell lymphoma), an orphan disease, and it will be the first product to be included in MERYLO’ pipeline.

RBCs as drug Carriers

Merylo rbcs as carriers

3d printed prototype

3d printed prototype of Merylo

An innovative device for a more tolerable Chemotherapy

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